Posted on April 16, 2014 at 12:10 AM

Okay, so I'm slowly trying to ressurect this site and add new stuff...then only thing is...

I'm not quite sure what to add.  :P 

I'm thinking about posting some of my stories here, but while I figure that out I need something else to occupy this space.  I'm not sure if anyone would be interesting in reading things like writing advice or reading recs from me.  Any suggestions? 

I might just post some anyways.  

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Reply Alanis
1:01 AM on April 16, 2014 
I think some writing advice would be a really cool idea.
Reply whitelily
1:57 PM on April 18, 2014 
yup... hope you can give us writing advice.
Reply Ririsa
5:34 PM on April 22, 2014 
I'd love to get recs and writing advice but I must say, I'm mostly looking forward to re-reading your stories :)
Reply DarkCatzy101
3:37 PM on April 25, 2014 
I think that posting your old stories here would be great. Also writing advises would also be appreciate, you're such a good writer and I want to be able to write like you one day. also maybe add a fan sign category where you can post all of the book cover people made for you. Maybe a C-Box chat as well?
Reply rosie n.
7:55 PM on May 9, 2014 
and please post stories on here, I miss them so much already :)
Reply BlackTaint
5:03 PM on June 5, 2014 
I would love it if you posted some of your stores here and theres one that im really wanting to read! BloodLust, it was the first book of yours I ever read. And yet its been deleted from wattpad! DX So I can't read it anymore! If you could put that book on here or wattpad I'd just about die from happiness
Reply Aurkinsea
8:28 PM on June 18, 2014 
It would be great if you brought us along on your experience self-publishing. I'd really appreciate insight on how to get a book out there.
Reply Dani
5:48 AM on June 19, 2014 
I think writing advice is a fantastic idea. I am very excited that you made this for your fans such as myself, because I really enjoy your books and writing style. Many times, I have tried to write stories, but I don't know what I'm doing, so being able to get advice from someone who clearly knows what their doing and is really amazing at capturing a reader's attention would be wonderful!

Keep up the great work

X Dani
Reply Magna Moon
3:19 PM on June 24, 2014 
Hey! I got a suggestion. Instead of posting your stories here why not post them in this site:
It's like wattpad except that it's less popular but equally growing and doesn't charge anything from the readers.
Reply saso1999
8:53 AM on June 25, 2014 
hi i realy want to ask you where can i find your stories i realy want to read them since you took them from wattpad
Reply joyyfarah
1:51 PM on June 25, 2014 
waiting for the update Nikki I really wanna read more of your works u got me wrapped around your finger your writing is just superb tell us where you'll be posting
Reply rosie n.
10:42 PM on June 27, 2014 
i am always looking to better myself so i would love some advice from you :)
Reply rosie n.
10:44 PM on June 27, 2014 
posting your old stories would be amazing. i would be able to read the better versions of the awesome things that you have created :)
Reply BlackTaint
7:07 PM on June 29, 2014 
I just checked out that and it looks very good! Im with magna moon! It would be awesome to have your books there
Reply Dreamii
2:39 PM on July 4, 2014 
I am just dying to read your stories again. :) But advice on writing is good too.
Reply Scara
10:37 PM on July 6, 2014 
I think that would be a great idea. If by any chance at all, could you pretty please put Taming the Highlander up? Been waiting a long time and would really love you more if you did this.
Reply snickerdoodle98
12:56 PM on July 18, 2014 
I think that's a great idea and you can just talk and rant if you get upset with something involving your books. Whatever's good for you.
Reply snickerdoodle98
2:36 PM on July 25, 2014 
Yea posting the advice would be great and I'd love to re-read your stories
Reply Lauriz
7:26 PM on September 5, 2014 
all your stories in one place would be awesome !!! I really donīt know where to find chain me for example :D
Reply Ania Johnson
12:22 AM on January 24, 2015 
I would love to read some writing advice! You're writing is amazing, btw :P