Back! (Again)

Posted on April 12, 2014 at 8:20 AM

Okay, I ressurected this baby (again).  

Since I left Wattpad, I need somewhere to lurk, so I thought I'd do it here.  If you need a refresher as to why I left and took down all of my stories then...

- I wasn't happy with the feedback.  (and a lot of people took this to mean that some idiots hurt my feelings and I ran off in a huff.  Nope.  I am not a babysitter and some people need to take an IQ test before they try to read stuff they aren't ready for.  I got sick of ansering obvious questions and dealing with petty fights and things that I really shouldn't have had to do.)  

- I AM STILL WRITING.  A lot of people seemed to think that because I left Wattpad, I stopped writing.  NEVER.  I'm still writing.  Still editing (just finsihed editing Drain Me).  I'm still here, I've just expanded beyond WP and I'm ready for something else.  

-That being said, "Will you repost your stories?"  I don't know.  Probably NOT on Wattpad and I haven't found a new place that is the right firt.  I might put them back here, but I don't know.  

If you have any questions or things you want me to know, you can leave me a comment or a message or smoke signals, whatever.  My WP message board is swamped at the moment, so this is probably the best place to ask me something that you really want an answer to.  

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Reply Wesley's Angel
1:49 AM on May 16, 2014 
I am a fan of Shift, and I am wondering if and when we will get to read more of this story. I love the story line and got so caught up in it that now I need more. Right now I feel like I do without my daily coffee fix. I started reading your story about six months ago, but got locked out of my account on so because I changed devices and forgot my login info. But I got back in and your story was the first one that I started rereading. I just love it and I can relate to Loren on so many levels please bring more of this story to your readers.
Reply Lili
2:10 PM on July 9, 2014 
I think it'd be an AWESOME idea to post your stories on your own site seeing as you've been having problems with wp. I especially am looking forward to continue reading taming the highlander(I was cut off at a particularly exciting part(the shower scene)) Just make sure it's not vulnerable to theft. Wp had that whole no copy+paste thing going on, i'm not sure how it can be done on blogs.