Bloodlust, Ascension and More!

Posted on May 29, 2013 at 1:05 PM

Not really.  Those are the only two I have ready at the moment, but I am working on dustying off more.  I truly have so many damn stories.  Some of them aren't bad and I really want to get them posted somewhere--whether here on on wattpad--just so that they can see the light of day.  

But I'll settle with two for now, to be posted in the near future (Hell, maybe even tonight).  

Okay, Bloodlust is part of the old, dead series from which Daemon Blade is a spin-off of.  I dusted it off, read some of it over and realized that parts of it aren't too bad.  The first book is currently in pieces, and I don't even know if I'm willing to put the needed work into it, but the second one wasn't too bad off and I decided to post that one for now.  

Though, please be warned, IN ORDER TO READ IT, YOU NEED TO READ THE SUMMARY OF BLOODBOUND (BOOK 1) WHICH I WILL POST.  Otherwise, you won't have a clue what's going on.  

I'm also planning a guide at some point, listing the many different characters and their role to make it a little easier on the brain.  

Now, on to Ascension...this one is weird.  It's Angels, Demons and werewoles thrown into the mix.  It's also a combination/hbrid of two completely different stories.  It's pretty cray-cray...

They are both being posted as they are edited, but I'll try to keep the updates regular (every few days).  

I'll have more info when I eventually post them, with each story getting it's own post.  But here's a little overview.  I've also removed ABO from this site, and may just keep it on wattpad for now (I need the space)

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