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If you didn't get the memo, I started posting the rest of TIS to Wattpad (@Lana_sky) , BUT I'M STILL WORKING ON THIS SITE.   I haven't abandoned it, I'm just lazy, and I REALLY HATE the way I have to post my stories.  I'm seriously looking for any alternative, so if anyone knows an easier way to post my stories to  be viewed PLEASE LET ME KNOW.  


Within the upcomming weeks, I'm looking to post more stories here.  Some of them are ju...

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All about the brothers

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For those of you reading Daemon Blade, you've been introduced to Logan, Jace and Marcus by now and should have a good idea on the personality of each (even more if you've started reading T.I.S).  Aren't they just a hoot?

I'm bored, so I thought, hey, why not take a poll.  I'm interest to see how well I've portrayed certain aspects of each brother's personality, so which one is your favorite?

There's a poll (on the home page), and (if you want) you can tell me...

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So the problem with my document app is site-wide (dramatic sigh).  I don't know when it will be fixed, but if it's not up and running by tomorrow, I will just have to post the remaining chapters as separate links (if anyone cares) or I could just wait it out.

Let me know.  

In fact, if anyone wants, I could probably just email you the chapters I have edited so far as pdfs until the darn document app is fixed. ...

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READ and respond

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*As a reminder, please remember to use the drop down menus when you read the stories or all the chapters will not be shown (Book one has 26 as of now).  If you can't see them all, let me know*


Number 2:  I've decided that I probably won't end up posting these stories on Wattpad.  It's just too much work cutting everything out.  Does anyone really care...

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