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Posted on April 16, 2014 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (20)

Okay, so I'm slowly trying to ressurect this site and add new stuff...then only thing is...

I'm not quite sure what to add.  :P 

I'm thinking about posting some of my stories here, but while I figure that out I need something else to occupy this space.  I'm not sure if anyone would be interesting in reading things like writing advice or reading recs from me.  Any suggestions? 

I might just post some anyways.  

Writing Updates

Posted on April 12, 2014 at 9:35 AM Comments comments (6)

Okay, so while I've been off WP I've been editing like crazy.  I am 90% finished with Drain Me and so far the draft is pretty different that the original.  Some things I did:

  • Change a character's name (and the spelling of one name) 
  • Merged two characters into one
  • Added more backstory to certain characters
  • More info about things like the workings of the Den and ect. 
  • I also decided to make another story of mine "Deliciously Bitten" a companion novel (yeah, I'm thinking of making Tabby just work at "that" Den."  
  • Expanded certain scenes.  

I'm really excited about it :P I've been working really hard on making this draft the best it can be and I'm pretty darn pleased with the results so far.  

Back! (Again)

Posted on April 12, 2014 at 8:20 AM Comments comments (2)

Okay, I ressurected this baby (again).  

Since I left Wattpad, I need somewhere to lurk, so I thought I'd do it here.  If you need a refresher as to why I left and took down all of my stories then...

- I wasn't happy with the feedback.  (and a lot of people took this to mean that some idiots hurt my feelings and I ran off in a huff.  Nope.  I am not a babysitter and some people need to take an IQ test before they try to read stuff they aren't ready for.  I got sick of ansering obvious questions and dealing with petty fights and things that I really shouldn't have had to do.)  

- I AM STILL WRITING.  A lot of people seemed to think that because I left Wattpad, I stopped writing.  NEVER.  I'm still writing.  Still editing (just finsihed editing Drain Me).  I'm still here, I've just expanded beyond WP and I'm ready for something else.  

-That being said, "Will you repost your stories?"  I don't know.  Probably NOT on Wattpad and I haven't found a new place that is the right firt.  I might put them back here, but I don't know.  

If you have any questions or things you want me to know, you can leave me a comment or a message or smoke signals, whatever.  My WP message board is swamped at the moment, so this is probably the best place to ask me something that you really want an answer to.  

It's Alive!

Posted on October 1, 2013 at 10:25 AM Comments comments (0)

My website is back.  I got over my hatred of webs in order to whip this bad boy back into shape.  

Some new things I'm planning:

1.  BLOODLUST will be moved HERE while BLOODBOUND is being posted on Wattpad. 

2. A new exclusive story will be added!  Details coming soon.  

3. Adding more character and story background material.  yay!  :)


Posted on May 29, 2013 at 9:40 PM Comments comments (5)

This part of that 'dead' series that came before my Daemon Blade series, which I swore never to ressurect. Well I did...kind of. This is the second book (the first one is in shambles). You do not have to read that story before you read this one, but you do need to have a general gist of what happened in the first book.


A summary will be posted that gives you all you need to know.  


Answers to the questions I KNOW will be asked:



1. I do not remember how I came up with Aternan’s name or where it came from. I really think that I made it up. Contrary to how most authors plan their stories, I don’t really put a lot of thought into stuff like character’s names. Seriously. They usual get stuck with whatever name pops into my mind at the time. It’s that simple.


2. You don’t have to read Daemon Blade to understand this, seeing as how this series comes before it, and they really focus on two completely different aspects of my made-up world anyway. The Daemons are their own breed.


3. I don’t know if I’ll ever rework the first book. Don’t ask.


4. Witches are there own race. They are that damn awesome.


5. Vampires do not sparkle.


6. I wrote this when I was sixteen, therefore there will be an abundance of the following themes:


a. Sex


b. More sex


c. Really unrealistic men. I was going through that faze when you watch Dragon Ball Z and expect every guy to be like seven feet tall and bursting with muscle and strange shades of hair. Aternan reflects this.


d. I also wrote this while I was going through an EXTREMELY INTENSE romance novel faze. You know the kind—with heaving bosoms and the types of chauvanism that makes a feminist shit their pants. If you are a feminist, this story is probably not for you.


e. Female characters who sleep with strangers are not sluts if they pretend to be too prideful to do naughty things before they actually do them.


f. Haha, I was just kidding about all the sex. There is a plot tucked in there somewhere.



****I haven't decided whether or not I'll post this story strictly here or on wattpad as well.  We'll see how long it takes for webs to piss me off. Maybe both, but for now there will be more here***



I picture Miranda as a short Kirsten Stuart. They have the same general effect on people. You know, everyone just loves them...

Bloodlust, Ascension and More!

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Not really.  Those are the only two I have ready at the moment, but I am working on dustying off more.  I truly have so many damn stories.  Some of them aren't bad and I really want to get them posted somewhere--whether here on on wattpad--just so that they can see the light of day.  

But I'll settle with two for now, to be posted in the near future (Hell, maybe even tonight).  

Okay, Bloodlust is part of the old, dead series from which Daemon Blade is a spin-off of.  I dusted it off, read some of it over and realized that parts of it aren't too bad.  The first book is currently in pieces, and I don't even know if I'm willing to put the needed work into it, but the second one wasn't too bad off and I decided to post that one for now.  

Though, please be warned, IN ORDER TO READ IT, YOU NEED TO READ THE SUMMARY OF BLOODBOUND (BOOK 1) WHICH I WILL POST.  Otherwise, you won't have a clue what's going on.  

I'm also planning a guide at some point, listing the many different characters and their role to make it a little easier on the brain.  

Now, on to Ascension...this one is weird.  It's Angels, Demons and werewoles thrown into the mix.  It's also a combination/hbrid of two completely different stories.  It's pretty cray-cray...

They are both being posted as they are edited, but I'll try to keep the updates regular (every few days).  

I'll have more info when I eventually post them, with each story getting it's own post.  But here's a little overview.  I've also removed ABO from this site, and may just keep it on wattpad for now (I need the space)


Posted on May 12, 2013 at 9:40 AM Comments comments (4)

If you didn't get the memo, I started posting the rest of TIS to Wattpad (@Lana_sky) , BUT I'M STILL WORKING ON THIS SITE.   I haven't abandoned it, I'm just lazy, and I REALLY HATE the way I have to post my stories.  I'm seriously looking for any alternative, so if anyone knows an easier way to post my stories to  be viewed PLEASE LET ME KNOW.  


Within the upcomming weeks, I'm looking to post more stories here.  Some of them are just extras including some stories from my very brief and short lived Historical Romance (ish) phase.  Also, some medievalish werewolf stories.  Some are mature, some aren't, but I thought I'd share them in case someone wanted to read.  Some are even my old fantasy stuffs, but I can't post them until I figure out an easier way to navigate this whole posting mess.  :(


ABO is winding down, and if you are one of the people that I promised the first five chaps of BSC to, you will get them soon.  I think there are one or two of you (though if you've been reading diligently either on here or on wattpad, just ask me.  I know who you are...cuz I stalk you, lol)  I really want to just share those with those of you diligent readers as a little treat.  


DELICIOUSLY BITTEN READERS.  I'm going to post that here, but if you're reading the story and want a sneak peek of the next chaps, you have until wed to post here or private message me.  Again, just as a treat to those of you who've been checking this site.  


The winner of my 'Who's your favorite brother poll' was....

*drum roll*

LOGAN!  By only one point.  Surprisingly, Jace and Marcus were tied. 

If you voted (or not) tell me who your favorite brother is and why!  (I'd love to know!)


I don't feel like using that app again, so just post here:

Who is your favorite FEMALE character in the series so far?

Serana?  Mirabelle?  Merida? Callie?  Dione?  Even Liva?

Tell me who and why and you could be eligible for a special treat! :)

That's all folks!  


All about the brothers

Posted on April 14, 2013 at 10:30 PM Comments comments (3)

For those of you reading Daemon Blade, you've been introduced to Logan, Jace and Marcus by now and should have a good idea on the personality of each (even more if you've started reading T.I.S).  Aren't they just a hoot?

I'm bored, so I thought, hey, why not take a poll.  I'm interest to see how well I've portrayed certain aspects of each brother's personality, so which one is your favorite?

There's a poll (on the home page), and (if you want) you can tell me why you picked who you did in the comments.  ;)


T.I.S Blather *Spoiler Alert*

Posted on April 10, 2013 at 6:50 AM Comments comments (5)

T.I.S is now up to chapter 21, but I thought that I'd share a bit how I came up with the storyline. (reminding me that I really need to post the F.I.I. rant, oops) 

If you haven't read the story yet and intend to, then don't read past this point.

 Or if you aren't far enough to have discovered pretty much the main plot twist (you'll know it when ya see it) dont read this.

Everyone got their eyes covered?   Okay.  ;)

When I first planned out T.I.S and the rest of the Daemon Blade series, I have never ever intended for Jace to wind up with Callie.  Ever.
In fact, (without giving too much away) I had orignally planned on her being with Marcus (she knew him when she was a kid, though I'm not too sure if that has been explained or not).

Anyways, when I was writing the begining stages of the story it just wasn't working out.  Marcus was too mellow and Callie was Callie...
I was so frustrated with the storyline that I had set T.I.S aside and wasn't sure if I was ever going to touch it again.   Then, some time later, I happened to be editing F.I.I and I had gone over the scene where Jace and Callie first meet in the bar, and it was like...sizzle. 

I could literally hear Jace in my brain (yes I talk to my characters, lol.  Who doesn't?)  saying, "Hey, miss Writer Lady, forget Marcus.  I want her.  Give him someone else."

And I replied, *in my soothing voice*  "But Jace, sweetie, that just won't work.  Callie's the complete opposite of everything you should want.  She's a Daemon for chrissakes--you're a hunter.  I just don't see a way of this working out..."

Jace, being Jace, winked at me with those big blue eyes.  "I'm sure you'll find a way....and if you don't give me Callie I'll go all rouge hunter and do something bad to Marcus."

Well damn.

With that lovely proposal in mind, I decided to try the story from a different angle.  I knew that if Jace and Callie did somehow end up together, they would need to be brought together by something big.  
They were both way too stuborn to act on the attraction naturally and I just didn't have the patience or time (though, hey, my stories always wind up over 100,000 words, so what the hell?  I prob could have pulled it off).  Anyway, I also knew that if they did end up together, it wouldn't be through any action on their part, AND I wanted the lovely Liva to play a part in it.  She's probably the best villain I've ever written in her cold, creul badassness.  

All in all one plot line stuck out in my head (though, it probably did help that I was reading a book at the time that had a loose version of the same idea...kind of.  Anyone read Larrisa Ione?  God, she's awesome.  Her books are frickin...I can't even explain).

 Anways, I had always strayed from doing stories involving pregnancy because I hate how unreaslistically sappy they are (Kids, don't fix things 90% of the time.  they just complicate the situation)  

But then, it was like...BINGO. 

Duh.  Babies complicate the situation.  They shake things up.  They make people reconcile their lifestyles. 

There was my ace in the hole, and when I started rewriting T.I.S with this premise in mind, I got 10,000 words in like a day.  (though I did have to go back and rewrite some bits of F.I.I to tie in, but it just worked out perfectly). It was almost too easy; the chemistry between Jace and Calliope was just there.  I didn't have to really work at it like I had to do with Logan and Serana in the begining.  And with Liva's evil intentions in mind (which should be revealed sometime soon I think) it was just a hell of a lot of fun to write!

Also, I love the storyline because it could ONLY WORK with Jace, out of the three brothers.  Only him.  I'll explain more in a future update (especially after the latest updates lol).  

But yeah, that's my speil on the plot.

Updates coming by tonight (hopefully)

Posted on April 4, 2013 at 10:30 AM Comments comments (2)

  • I hope to get T.I.S up to chapter 20. 
  • In the meantime, I am thinking of taking down F.I.I to re-edit it and then repost it in full form (just one big file)...eventually.  (that could take a while)  And if you have read it, whether you liked it or not, please give me some damn feedback so that I know what to pay attention to when I edit.  I know everything, so I am literally blind as to what makes sense and what doesn't.  For the love of cheese...   
  • ABO will be edited and posted here (I promise) ASAP.  Hopefully with more chapters up by the weekend.  Maybe. 
  • Also, I will repost the broken links for my rant and guide respectively as well as the deleted F.I.I naught scenes (read at your own risk, emkay?)

I think that's it.

I also hope to get B.S.C up soon (unless your one of the lucky few who actually respond to me, in which case you might get them sooner, muwahaha)